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I wanted to live an aesthetic life full of love, emotions, passion, creativity, magic, and art, and one day I woke up with dreams in my heart and visions in my mind. I could clearly see the path I wanted to walk; I realized my true inner self; and I became fully aware of who I really am.
I want to live life with a higher purpose;
I want to leave a significant mark on my existence in this world; I want to create something that will touch people's hearts and souls; and for me, that would be enough.


Hi, my name is Ilda Kunic (Bosnian: Ilda Kunić -Илда Кунић), and I would like to welcome you and thank you for being here. 

I was born on January 7th, 1989, in a town called Foča, located in Republica Srpska (Република Српска) in southeastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the banks of the Drina River. It is located 4 hours from the capital city of Sarajevo. I grew up in a traumatic and chaotic environment due to the war situation in the country, which took place from 1992 to 1995. Considering those unfortunate series of events at that time, I realized life is a gift, and I matured very quickly with the damage, not with the years. I didn't have a good childhood because of the war, but all of that made me stronger. Years later, it was still a difficult situation in the country, a postwar situation where I didn't have a chance to choose and follow my dreams; it was a fight for survival and existence, so I had to seek and look for opportunities to make my future better, and I saw a chance for that in learning and gaining knowledge. I used to learn enormously in school; I had the highest grades in primary school, which assured me a place in the Gymnasium - a term used in all of the European countries for a secondary school for the best performing students, it serves as a preparation for higher education for university studies. After graduation, I decided to study German Language and Literature, which brought me closer to the world of writing and literal art. After graduating from University, I applied for the position of flight attendant for Emirates Airlines. This decision didn't come suddenly; it was my intention before I graduated. I wanted to see, discover, and learn more about the world, about civilizations, traditions, and people. My curiosity was immense, and it led me to follow my desire to keep discovering, learning, and gaining knowledge. However, later, I realized I went to travel the world because I was constantly homesick for a place that I didn't even know. All this time, I was in search of something or someone.

My goal has always been to live life to the fullest and to create my own happiness. I never lived my life aimlessly or unconsciously; I understand I am here for a higher purpose. Living a meaningful life has always been very important to me. I was never after money or prestige. There was a desire within me to follow my soul path, to fulfil my own self, and to help as many people as I could through my education, my experiences, and my stories.


A rough and tough life shaped me into a warrior—the one who always wins. This is the meaning of my name.

There are two interpretations of my name. 

It is derived from two versions: Milda and Hilda. 

Milda is the goddess of love in Lithuanian mythology. As a deity of love, she symbolizes beauty and resembles Greek Aphrodite, Roman Venera, and Nordic Freya. She encourages love no matter one's appearance, orientation, social background, or age. She motivates people to love and share love. Milda is described as incredibly beautiful, portrayed in a carriage pulled by doves and surrounded by flowers. I am honoured and proud to bear the name of such an important and influential figure. One of the mountains on the planet Venus has been named Milda Mons.

Hilda is the second interpretation of my name, derived from the name Hild-Hildr, which in Norse mythology means battle. Hildr was one of the twelve Valkyries, a psychopomps who conveyed fallen warriors to Valhalla. The name Hilda is associated with power and strength; it interprets the determined and fierce nature of those who bear the name, portraying them as a protector, guardian, or shield for others.

A large asteroid group in the solar system is named Hilda.

Ilda Kunic

Analyzing my name, I see myself as a person who fights for love, freedom, and peace. 

I am a warrior for love.



My life path number is 8, and the numerology of my name, Ilda, is 8. It is my destiny number that describes character and inner strength. The number 8 symbolizes infinity, which is why I keep that symbol just next to my name. 8 equals energy and moderation; it is both spiritual and materialistic; it deals with the recycling travel path of energy; it is about cycles. Eights are extremely professional, and the shape of the number reflects its most important attribute, which is balance.



Before I was even born, life decided to give me its first kick. When I was 8 months old in my mother's belly, my unborn life was already threatened. When my mother was pregnant and carrying me in her belly, in her 8th month of pregnancy, she encountered an accident with the calf. The calf accidentally kicked my mother's belly with its leg, and my mother started bleeding. My mother went to the hospital, and the doctor said that the walls of her uterus cracked and broke; they thought that the baby would not survive; they expected miscarriage, so my mother was kept in the hospital, was given medical therapy and treatment, and was advised not to move but to rest. During that unfortunate event, my mother lost blood, and she had to receive a blood transfusion. Both of us were in a life-threatening situation. My mother stayed in the hospital until she gave birth. The doctors expected complications during the birth, but fortunately everything went well without any damage to me or my mother. I was born completely healthy. Some great miracle saved me and took care of me. My mother was strong, courageous , and brave.


I am a genocide survivor.

When I reflect on my life, I can see how far I have come, and I am satisfied with what I have. I am proud of my life. I am proud when I see all that I have survived. When life throws you into an environment with broken skies, you have to react very fast, grow up instantaneously, and start building your own shelter and your own sky. 

When I was three years old, the war started in my home country Bosnia, and over night, in one instant, my family lost everything. We had to move around the country, and we lived in other people's homes. Because of that, I never developed a sense of what home is, and I always wanted to have my own, which I achieved in 2016 when I bought a house. At the beginning of the war, we were trapped in a very occupied zone. Trying to escape, we got into a trap where we almost died, but luckily we escaped into the safer zone. Still, we had to survive the graneds, boombs, bullets in the air, and all other possible threats that occur in a war. 

My childhood was filled with chaos and drama, but I am still here; I survived it all. I am proud of myself for the milestones I have achieved. At a very young age, I understood that I had to fight for life, for the future, and for a better tomorrow.

All those struggles helped me become what I am today: brave, fearless, strong, and empathetic. I know how to go through life completely alone. I know how to stand alone.



It feels like I have been collecting my life since I was born. I was always fighting for something. My memories explain why I am here and what my life means.

I have a scar on my right lower part of the stomach, 7cm long, and that scar reminds me why I stayed alive, but it also keeps reminding me to stay strong and never give up. 

When I was 3 years old, I fell into a coma because appendicitis burst inside me, and no one knew it. I remember being in such extreme pain—stomach pain—that I could not walk. When I started sleeping so deeply, my mother saw that something was not right, so I was taken to the hospital. When I reached the hospital, the doctor performed immediate emergency surgery to try to save my life, as it was a very serious condition. I didn't die; I woke up after surgery; I survived it, but that scar was left, long 7cm, as the doctor had to make a huge cut to clean my entire stomach because it was infected with bursted appendicitis’s.

Every life has a scar, and every scar has a story, whether it is physical or emotional, visible or invisible. It is not just a representation of survival but also a symbol of hope, a hope for a better tomorrow, a better future, that one day will come.

Every time I see this scar, it reminds me of my will for life. How strong I was as a child to fight to live.

I stayed alive, and that means there is a reason for that. Life is precious; live it fully and completely. I am grateful for this life.


I was 4 years old when I learned to write and read, and I used to memorize poems that my older sister was learning in school. I used to sit outside on a swing that was under a huge apple tree, and I was reciting those poems aloud for almost half of the day. That was my way of entertaining myself. At that young age, I found something alluring and interesting in those poems. Although my little mind and the child in me could not understand everything at that time, I found beauty in poems and writing, and something in that art was calling me, and it was giving me inner pleasure and satisfaction to memorize and recite them. I wanted to store those beautiful words in my mind, to carry them with me, as I was truly touched and moved by writing, by the feelings in those poems, by the magic that was written there.

Back then, subconsciously, I knew that writing was something that would stick with me all my life, secretly, my soul wanted to create something like that one day; my subconscious mind knew it, but, consciously, I was not aware that writing was actually my true calling, my fate, and my path.

I was always a highly sensitive and emotional person, but I also felt magical and carefree in my own dreamland. I was a dreamer from the beginning. I was a quiet child, very peaceful. I was able to get along with other kids and play well with them, but I also preferred to be alone. I didn't need anyone to entertain me; I never requested company. I was always well on my own, by myself, with pen and paper and books. Later, when I went to school and was in the 5th grade, I was a member of many school activities: singing, dancing, acting, modeling, journalism, and painting. I used to play volleyball and tennis too.

I was pursuing dreams greater than I ever dared to imagine. The desire for writing was already planted within me. I was born with it. As I grew, my passion grew with me. I never learned to fit into this world, and I never wanted to. I am not here to be like everyone else; I am here to be my unique self. I found that inner voice within me, which is the true me. 



I was homesick for places I had never known, probably for places that never existed, so I took the route that led me to the airport.

I decided to travel the world and see what was out there. 

After years of surviving, I finally got a job with Emirates Airlines, and I started flying. A new career path opened the door to the world. I traveled from east to west, north to south. I saw all the corners of this world, and while flying, I was closer to the stars, closer to the sky. My head was in the clouds. I lived in the skies for 5 years. I started flying, not only to discover the world but also because I wanted to find myself and where I belonged. I thought that through that job, I could find my place. I was lost, and I didn't even know it. I was longing for the feeling of home.

The decision to be a flight attendant led me on a journey of thousands of miles. Being a flight attendant is definitely a unique experience, and I will never regret it. Wearing the uniform, going through airports, flying for hours on a plane, and meeting people from all over the world is definitely a memorable journey in my life; a unique chapter of adventures that created many stories and wonderful moments. It is definitely a memory that I will hold dear to my heart forever. 

I have seen the places, and I am beyond grateful for that, but my soul had a strong urge to move from there into something even greater. This world was not enough for me, so I had to discover something else. After 5 years of flying,  my soul was calling me to become who I was meant to be. I had an irresistible desire to write about other worlds, taking them from invisible places and other dimensions and bringing them into 3D, creating those visions on paper, and sharing them with this world.

I sailed on wings of adventures across the seas and wide fields to all the continents around the world, reaching the most distant places. It was a dream that came true. But my heart dreamed more and more. I discovered my true passion that was within my soul—the desire to write feelings from my heart—so I started new journey filled with great passion.

I started to write, write, and write.

But still, there is a place in my heart for aviation and for the sky, and maybe one day I will have wings again.

Writing and flying are my greatest passions. 


"I decided to write because words are immortal;

they will live through the centuries and through the generations."

The story of my writing begins at the age of 14. I needed space and tools for the longing, and the writing has been a way of my solace. My mind was full of ideas and stories, and I could not escape them, and somehow, in one way, I was forced to ink them on paper. I used to write in Bosnian and English; at the beginning, those were short poems, sometimes essays, when I was feeling the need to write and filter emotions. I used to write diaries too, and somehow all my writings were connected to one theme: LOVE.

Since a very young age, I felt deep longing for someone I had never met, and I felt as if I were in search of my person, the one that is coded in my soul. All my life, my soul has felt homesick for the person I could call home. I was trying to find a place, something, or someone to fill the unexplainable void within me.

I started to write in my youth, but never with the intention of being a writer. I write in the moments when the emotions are heavy, when I need to say something and mark it on paper, or when my mind is overwhelmed with thoughts and ideas. I write to ease my soul. I am getting ideas after ideas, and everything just comes so easily to me; I exactly know what I am creating, and I can clearly see my visions. Maybe it sounds witty, but I trust my imagination, fully and completely.

All those visions are played out in my head; dreamy scenarios and stories are as vivid and clear as reality. 

poetry, writing, writer, reading, reader, poems, words, quotes, feelings, love, affection, aesthetic, art,
poetry, poems, books, writing, writer, reading, reader, words, quotes, love, affection, feelings, emotions,
poetry, poems, books, writing, writer, reading, reader, words, quotes, feelings, emotions, love, affection, soulmates,

When writing, I am led by inner impulses. I want to create something beautiful as a representation of who I was in this lifetime and this existence. It is the message that counts, which I want to leave behind for generations. I am writing about my feelings because my soul has a lot to say. There are many stories in this world, but that didn't stop me from creating my own stories. I wanted to develop my own myth, a tale that maybe one day will melt people's hearts or maybe make them wonder what that mystery is all about. I am going to speak only the words that my heart and soul want to say.

When I sit to write, I am not aware of outside reality. I am completely immersed in the story. I see this skill as a gift from a Higher Force, and I see it as my role in this society. Maybe the stories I tell or my words will touch someone's soul so deeply that they might move them in some way, inspire them, or motivate them; maybe it will lead them to beautiful experiences.

Writing is something I can't live without; it is part of my soul and my essence. It is the way I filter my emotions, feelings, creativity, visions, and ideas. My mind is constantly busy, as if it never rests, as if I am constantly connected to places outside of this dimension.

I don't do it intentionally; it just happens very naturally for me. I have strong vision and clear pictures in my mind, as if I were watching everything on one giant screen. Everything I write, I filter through my heart before I ink it on paper. Those words are simply ink marks of the emotions I felt.

When I write I don't follow any rules; rather, I care about feelings and emotions. My goal is not to fit into a certain typical style of writing; my goal is to be my real self while writing and presenting my own authenticity and uniqueness. I don't write just to please others; I don't write about trends; I write about what comes energetically from my soul and from other dimensions.  I  don't want to edit my soul. I will follow my intuition and my passion obsessively.

I  never wanted to imitate other artists; I never wanted my writing to be like the others. My writing has a unique stamp of my soul, and that is what defines me and my writing—it has my soul in it. I discovered a creative DNA that is unique to me.

I want to give this world something from myself—a piece of me, of my energy. I heard my calling, and I answered the call. This path was created for me, and I am just following it intuitively and faithfully.


I self-published a trilogy of poetry  collections "Love Poems" through Amazon KDP with their print-on-demand option. This was a great solution for me since I live in Bosnia and it was quite difficult to find publishing houses in America, and I wanted to make my books available to the whole world. That's why I chose this option; it seemed like a good opportunity for me.

Originally, I didn't have the intention to write about love, and I never had the intention to write at all, but all of that came naturally and intuitively to me. The story was unfolding on its own, little by little, piece by piece.

I felt that my soul knew something that my consciousness did not, so I decided to follow my intuition and see where it would take me.

I listen carefully to my inner voice and to what it is telling me.


My poetry is about love. Eternal love! I still believe in love—in the unique love that exists in fantasy, in higher realms. I dream about love so big that it can impress the whole world.

I started working and preparing this collection of poetry in 2017 while I was still working for Emirates Airline, but the process was extremely slow as it was difficult to concentrate on two jobs, and the flying was tiring and exhausting. The poems I wrote when I was younger are also part of this collection; the majority of these poems are in the first book, "Rose from the Moon". Somehow all those poems fit so well into the story, so I would assume I started writing it when I was 14 years old. The moment I decided to publish the books, I collected all my writings that I had written over the years.

I got 3 books filled with poems and illustrations telling a story about eternal lovers and their great, indestructible love. The bond between them is so strong that nothing can tear them apart, not even death. They search for one another and find each other in every life, their love is eternal. This collection of poetry is the beginning of my writing journey, and currently I have many new ideas, plans, and projects. My plan is to write novels, essays, short stories, and more poetry too. I am going to continue to trust my soul and do what I feel is right.


Since a very young age, I have had a feeling I miss someone. That feeling was strange to me, and I wondered why I felt that way. So I started writing about it. It was my own way of healing and understanding the process of life, seeking the truth of existence. And as I grew older, that feeling just became stronger and stronger; it didn't seem to go away. I still have a feeling I am looking for someone I haven't met—someone who was born and made for me. This poetry collection carries the emotions of my soul, and I never questioned whether it was right or wrong; I just followed my intuition, which was telling me it should be written. The process of writing and self-realization opened my eyes and mind to many new things. I started exploring the meaning of life and all that mysteriousness. Along with that, I decided to stick to my inner feelings and trust my process of self-discovery and healing.


I don't remember how I came up with the idea to write about reincarnation and eternal love. I think the idea never formed or developed; it was always there in my subconscious; it already existed. Originally, I never thought about it; it just came naturally to me, and I accepted it intuitively. The moment I realized I would write about it, the poems started coming and appearing in my mind more and more. There were times and moments when my thoughts were overflowing with ideas and poems. The story was revealing itself alone; I didn't have to go in search for it; it was already written in my soul. That story lived within me; I guess it was there all the time, and I just had to acknowledge it and accept it.

It came straight from my soul, as if my soul came up to speak to me, as if I were connected so deeply to the story. Writing this Trilogy Series was a journey into my inner self, to the core of my soul, where some emotions were stored and one story was resting.

That love story began to occupy my mind, and I could not stop thinking about it; it was haunting me. All the scenes and places are so alive and vivid in my mind that I can see everything so clearly. This trilogy series of "Love Poems" is a wonderful love story about the sacred connection between eternal lovers.

Maybe you won't be able to understand my poems or this story, but I hope that my poetry and art will help you to understand yourself, or perhaps they will help you to find love and see it from different aspects.

I hope my writings will serve you in a magical way or in any way that will help you feel beautiful and give you inspiration and motivation. I hope those poems will find a way into your heart. I am happy and grateful to be given this gift and the opportunity to present you with my emotions and thoughts.


I have many passions, and over time I learned to multitask between all my creative projects. It makes me overwhelmed at times, but the feeling of self-satisfaction and joy is precious.

I always had a love for art and for artistic creation. I believe in imagination, and that is where everything begins. I believe in that moment when I see things that I have never seen before—that kind of magical moment that moves me, leaves me amazed, gives me inspiration, gives me clear visions, and makes my soul get excited to create. For me, art matters a lot. I think it is important because our imagination can change the world and influence it.


One thing I like about myself on this journey is that I am not afraid of failure; in reality, I never even thought about it. I don't pay attention to whether my art will succeed or fail, but I know that I have this urge within me to write something, and I am just following my path and my route. I know it has to be written and brought to this 3D world.

I was never in doubt; all I know is that I have to answer my soul call. I am expressing my inner world and sharing it with the outer world. My skills and talents are given to me by a Higher Force, and I am not supposed to decide how they are supposed to go, perform, or what is supposed to happen because already everything is planned out. I never worried about the approval of others because I knew that since I had this within me, I was already approved by the Higher Power, so I never worried about failure or success. Intuitively, I know I have this on my mind and in my soul, and it means only one thing: I am sent here to this planet for that; I am just doing my job. I know I am supposed to be here for this work. And the beauty of this kind of work is the fulfilment that I feel; I know I did my best. And also, there is a feeling of contentment knowing I expressed myself, that I experienced the moment as it happened, and that I participated in it by expressing everything I have to give: my love, my intelligence, my willingness, my passion, my energy, my creativity, my time, my commitment—all of that I gave to that moment. 

Also, I believe people who are destined to find out about my work will find it. Everything is already written for us. What is meant to be will find us.

If you feel connected to my work and art, probably that is fated for you. But even if you don't feel any connection and you want to be part of my creative journey, you are more than welcome to join.


“I have come to the conclusion that I don't really need much of anything anymore, but to just have meaningful things around me that reflect my inner self, and people who are close to my heart and who support me.”


I lived almost all my life in financial struggle and on the edge of survival. Now I can say I have enough for normal living, but I am very well prepared and trained to endure difficult situations. Because of the war in my country, I grew up in harsh conditions, in really traumatic and dramatic situations, merely fighting for life just to stay alive and survive.

During that war, my family lost everything we had, and I always wanted to have my own house. While working for Emirates Airlines as a flight attendant, I was fortunate enough to buy a house that cost only unbelievably $50,000. I bought a house using a loan from one of the Islamic banks in Dubai, which was an easy process, and I was able to pay it back and clear the debt in just 3 years, because in Islamic laws there is no interest rate, which makes it easier to pay back.

I don't come from a rich family; I never had financial support, and I don't have any inheritance to receive, so I always worked hard to support myself and create my own future.

Everything I have, I earned myself with my own hard work, and everything I own feels so special to me because I got it through honest work and dedication.

When I was buying the house, I liked the location because it was in a peaceful area and surrounded by nature, but back then, I didn't realize the true benefits of the location. My house lies in the distant valley of the three pyramids: The Pyramid of the Sun, The Pyramid of the Moon, and The Pyramid of the Dragon. The distance of my house from the Pyramid is 13km. 

And this place always spoke of calmness and serenity to me; the nature around the house, the garden, the greenery, the peace, and the beauty calmed my soul and gave me harmony. I am happy and grateful to have this opportunity in life, as I think that I was really lucky to get a chance to buy this house on my own and to have my own place. Currently, my mother and my brother are living with me.


In 2020, I came back to Bosnia from Dubai. When the pandemic started, it ended my travels and journeys with Emirates. Finally, I had my own home, and finally, it was a period of peace for me. I took that time to rest, recover, and work on my writing and art.

During this time, I actually realized how creative I am. That serene and infinite silence opened up my visions even more, and I connected to myself on a deeper level; I even got more ideas and visions.

There were moments when I was actually overwhelmed by creativity and inspiration.

I made some changes inside the house—small renovations—and made it my own. I imprinted my own energy and essence into the house, to have that feeling that whenever I go somewhere and come back, I will know I am at home.



Currently, I am in my era of writing; at this moment, I am working simultaneously on a few books at the same time. I am very excited to finish them and make them available for the world. My soul is speaking, and I hope those words will find their way to many generations. I am writing about what should not be forgotten. I am writing about what should live eternally.

Writing is the kind of job that makes you isolated from everything and everyone. It sounds quite boring because all I do is sit at home and write. At the moment, I am spending time at home, surrounded by nature, and working on my books. Now, I am writing novels too and preparing more books with poetry, and it is taking so much energy and time. I don't have the same energy every day, so according to my mood, I write and work on projects that I feel like doing. Everything is connected to my inner feelings and intuition. So I work based on my energy and my feelings.

I can't concentrate on just one book because the ideas that are coming are coming in sets, once at a time, in very specific moments, depending on the vision that I get. That's why I don't force myself to write; I wait for the poetry and story to visit me. Everything is connected to my inner self. This way of working helps me not get bored, as sometimes I get a huge amount of creativity throughout the day, and it makes it easier for me to switch between the projects to work on different things.

Sometimes it also happens that I get overwhelmed by writing, and sometimes it is chaos in my mind. Slowly, I am learning to control that chaos, all the emotions. 

Currently, I have five books in progress, and I can't tell when they will be ready. I let the time show it, as I believe in the right timing and that everything is planned before we are even born.

Everything in its time.


In the year 2023, starting in April, I took a huge rest and break as I was exhausted, so I had to slow down. Thankfully, it is nothing serious, just a mild female hormonal imbalance that made me lose weight . I lost around 7 kg and I am trying to bring back balance to my body and mind.  

This hormonal imbalance caused a deficiency in vitamin D, and low prolactin, which caused a bit of chaos in my body, sometimes giving me weakness, and tiredness. 

There were very difficult days when I had so little energy that I could not do anything. So I decided to take a break from everything.

In 2023 I spent time taking care of myself and my well-being.

At the moment, I feel better, and I am slowly starting to work again, but very slowly. Unfortunately, because of these events, I was not able to finish my projects on time. I had plans to create a YouTube channel where I would share many stories from my personal life, experiences, and knowledge, as well as about my writing and my life journey. I hope for my YouTube channel to be ready soon, as I am super excited to share my magical stories. 

I am addicted to discoveries. I enjoy discovering new things, art, and places; it gives me such a unique feeling while witnessing all that enchantment. I wanted to travel through other dimensions using my mind and write the stories I saw there. 

My dream and goal are to spend the rest of my life writing and creating art, traveling, and living in peace. But most of all, my greatest dream is to complete my soul calling here on this planet and leave my own legacy of written words for all those who need them, for generations after generations, to touch people's hearts, souls, and minds.


interesting facts about me

Date of Birth: 07.01.1989. 

Moon Phase: New Moon

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dragon 

Nationality: Bosnian

Religion: None

MBTI Personality: INFP

Blood Type: 0+

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Dark Brown

Height: 168cm

Weight: 50kg

Languages: Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian (Сербиан), English  

  • Flying hours: 4480 hours; in five years of working as a flight attendant, I spent 4480 hours on a plane, in the sky.

  • Dose of radiation for five years while flying: 11.51 milisievert.  

  • I visited 43 countries.

  • I never drink coffee; I dislike the taste and smell.

  • I never drink alcohol; I like to be conscious and present in the moment.

  • I love collecting beautiful hardcover books—actually all books—and also crystals. I love surrounding myself with beautiful things.

  • I love walking on the beachside or sitting at the beach all day and all night, listening to the ocean waves. I like walking through parks, gardens, and nature, away from the crowd. I like peaceful areas.

  • I don't like going to clubs. I don't like noise and crowds. Instead, I prefer nice private lounges, elegance, going to libraries, museums, theaters, and sightseeing.

  • I love stargazing at night. I could spend all night looking at the night sky and stars. 

  • I prefer night over day.

  • My obsession is writing and creating.

  • My addictions are books, art, and other worlds.

  • My mother describes me with these words: Peaceful, but as sharp as a sword.

  • I love authenticity—everything that is different. I love uniqueness.

  • Some people want material things. But me! I want a soul.

  • I am a heavy over-thinker.

  • I am a simple person with high standards. All I need is a quiet room, peace, tea, flowers, someone to love, and romance. 

  • Things I love: falling in love, feelings, emotions, affection, compliments, romantic nights, long hugs, kissing, cuddling, holding hands, letters, roses, flowers, candles, being listened to, honesty, silence, peacefulness, nature, the sound of birds, rain, winter, snow, aurora lights, outer space, stars, moon, pinky skies, sunsets, sunrises, ocean, taking photos, traveling, archeology, ancient stories, mythology, castles, museums, theatres, art, aesthetics, royal core, dark academia, poetry, quotes, music, movies, food, chocolate, macarons, raffaello, blueberries, coconut water, aloe vera juice. 


Feel free to reach out to me with any questions, press inquiries, love letters, or anything in between.

You can contact me via email:

Written and Designed by Ilda Kunic

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