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Love Poems 3

average rating is 5 out of 5


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"Love transcends illusions of mind, dimensions of space and time, existing somewhere in eternal dreams and realms. It is the strongest force that moves us, illustrating the meaning of our lives. When we are ruled by love, we are indestructible. Without love, we are nothing.

Whatever happens, only love remains."

Welcome to the rainbow, to all the seven colors of two hearts in love, to a story of separation and reconciliation. Welcome to this colorful maze without an end, where the real lovers are eternally together. This book is going to take you on a colorful journey. In each color, you will see love, just the way it is. You will see darkness and light and everything in-between. Each splendid color will weave its colorful rays through your heart. It will touch you with the feelings of pure affection, passion, and serenity, but also with raw pain, sorrow and aching.


This book is filled with deep love, deep longing, and a yearning for two souls to meet again, portraying their love in all its glory and chaos, divided into seven chapters named after the seven colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.


It is the third book in the trilogy series of "Love Poems." The trilogy consists of the books "Rose from the Moon," "The Four Seasons," and “Rainbow.”

Full Description

This is the eclectic journey of a waking soul, filled with love and pain, darkness and light, healing and awakening, joy and tears. Poems are filled with heartache too, expressing raw emotions and pain.

Chapter Red 

Red is the color of love, energy, and deep, intimate passion. It awakens feelings of lust and desire, signaling romance and affection. The poems portray luscious visions of the vivid reds of love. Poems resemble pleasure, sensual, and sentimental attachments. The love came out of nowhere, intense, joyful, and powerful, infusing the blood with its opium and coloring the world red with passion and happiness. The red will attract you. It will hypnotize you with the intensity of its euphoria and liveliness. Love comes but never goes, and you are red-painted forever, marked and victorious as a symbol that you have loved and been loved.

Chapter Orange

Orange is the calm yet lively color of enthusiasm and excitement, of cheerfulness and optimism. Poems paint an extraordinary panorama of bronzed life, full of opulent love and happiness, collecting the treasures of emotions, and those are the moments when nothing else matters except love, as it is enough to design paradise in the shades of the translucent rays of the heavenly orange tree. The wildest, happiest, orangest blossom of love blooms there, floating through fields of bliss and ecstasy. 

Chapter Yellow

Yellow is the color that symbolizes happiness, warmth, fun, and enlightenment, giving an expression of peace and serenity. Poems pick up love from the yellow fields of eternal morning, where the translucent rays of happiness and joy flutter on the gilded wings of power and will. The poems light up the scenes with yellow radiance, illustrating shimmering life and the golden shelter for pure souls in love. There, lights shine through gilded windows, illuminating eternal lovers with peace, serenity, and tranquility. Poems describe the thrill and satisfaction of discovering your true love, the one who is meant for you and only you.

Chapter Green

A revitalizing green that breathes new essence into us is the color of life, the color of harmony, growth, prosperity, hope, the color of balance, and the color of renewal. The poems in this section are witnesses to the richness of a life filled with pure love, filled with the highest meaning of life: to love and be loved truly, completely, honestly, and unconditionally. The greens' intense vitality designs harmony between sensual nature and passionate love. 

Chapter Blue

Blue is the color of open spaces, the hue of the ocean, and the pigment of the sky, representing depth and infinity, imagination and inspiration, stability and loyalty, and faith infused with healing blue light. The poems confess the feelings of a broken soul who searches for the memories of lost love, remembering the beauty of that great life filled with true love. The sadness of the blue shimmers with the pain and loneliness, awakening the splendor of clear vision: only love is real: everything else is a piece of an illusion.

Chapter Indigo

Indigo is the color that radiates power and charm, symbolizing structure and integrity, wisdom and intuition, faithfulness, and ideals. The poems play the sound of a melancholy, wistful, and yearning heart, presenting opulent shadows of pain and recollections with sensitivity. Throughout the poems, listen to the voice of the broken heart, remembering the broken dreams and the sad destiny but gaining power and faith back, ready for the new beginning with true love. 


Chapter Violet 

Violet is the mysterious, supernatural color of royalty, power, and nobility, symbolizing dignity and wisdom, spirituality and magic, imagination and peace. The poems depict the highest levels of love: its royalty, its kingdom, where pure hearts are in deep affection towards each other; it's about returning to the throne, the noble land of prosperity, justice, and fulfillment; it's about returning to each other; it's about returning to love. Love is the most powerful, rising above the skyline into higher realms, transcending illusions and dreams, and filling the infinite universe's spaces. 

Written by Ilda Kunic


Nezi Mah
23. 12. 22.
average rating is 5 out of 5

One of the best! 
One of the most beautiful poetry collections I have ever read. I love this book. Emotions are very colorful throughout the seven chapters, from joy and love to raw pain and aching. The poems are very vivid and rich in descriptions of places and feelings. It's quite hard to choose my favorite book among the three in this trilogy series, Love Poems, but I would say "Rainbow" is my favorite in the series. I highly recommend reading this book. The story is unique yet resembles the stories of many of us. This collection is bright light of inspiration and love.
This collection is incredible. The artwork and aesthetic illustrations with metaphors and deeper meanings are just incredible as well. 
It gets five stars from me. This book is a very beautiful, colorful journey of eternal love, and this kind of love is what we all seek and look for. 
I recommend "Rainbow" to everyone who loves someone, who has lost someone, and who believes deeply and truly in love. 

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