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the four 

Love Poems 2

average rating is 5 out of 5

The Four Seasons

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Who are you without love? 

What are you without love?

"Winter, spring, summer, and fall - all the seasons are here; how are you going to live without me? Oh, are you missing me too, the way I am missing you? All the seasons are passing by, and I am surviving without you, without knowing what life is; where our life is happening. “

The book "The Four Seasons" is going to take you on a journey that started a long time ago in a distant galaxy, a journey of two souls who fell in love, deadly and immortally, loving each other eternally. This tragic, yet beautiful and enchanting journey is the love story of a couple who are chosen for love - two lovers who share the same soul code and the same soul essence. 

The words are flowing into poems that carry emotions of deep love, yearning and belonging, heartbreak, and separation. Many poems in this book describe idyllic visions of this soulful connection from other dimensions, imaginative scenes, and places. 

"The Four Seasons" has four chapters. Each chapter describes the seasons through the emotions of love. Winter has love; spring has love; summer has love; and fall has love too. 

This book is the second part of the trilogy series, "Love Poems." The trilogy consists of the books "Rose From The Moon," "The Four Seasons," and "Rainbow."

Full Description

Through all the seasons, we can visually see how life is moving forward; something must finish for something else to start; endings can sometimes be beautiful beginnings; everything goes through the process of reparation, birthing, and dying; everything is transforming from one state to another; the planet itself goes through stages of cleansing and purifying; life flows in all of us; we go through transformations and changes too.

The seasons are here to remind us that time is passing by in this 3D world where we are collecting memories and moments, glimpses of happiness and sadness, to remind us that everything is temporary except love. Love never dies, never vanishes, and never fades away. Love is within us, always. The poems are composed using nature as a symbol, presenting eternal connections between two souls, unbreakable bonds between two chosen hearts, and lovers who long for each other endlessly on their journey to mastering their love. 


Winter, dressed in the white powder of coldness and freezing, presents emotions that are burning and firing from the ice. All the frozenness can live too, if it is awoken by love. In these poems, listen to the sound of falling snowflakes carrying love to their frozen stellar ends. 


Spring, an alluring dream of young wishes, is a season of awakening and birthing. It is a time when everything is inhaling new life, blooming and growing. 

It is the perfect phase for seeding and planting, and in the same way, the poems in this book are seeds of love that grow and rise across the eternal fields of eternal lovers. 


Summer, the whirl of desires, spreads powerful heat, igniting love. It evaporates and circulates around all the corners, visible and invisible, permitted and forbidden; it transcends to even the most distant, unreachable places. Summer burns love just to rise it to higher levels. 


Fall, a rainy reverie spangled with diamonds, is the season of tears, but it is also the season of joy, because all that rain and all those tears didn't fall for nothing. Rain is a strange miracle that showers down on us in abundance, purifying not only the soil but also our souls.

Written by Ilda Kunic


Nezi Mah

18. 12. 22.
average rating is 5 out of 5

The words in this book will touch your heart. This book feels like a beautiful dream; it is so deep, vivid; the aesthetic and artwork are gorgeous, simply incredible, serving the reader a visual story along with the poems. I like the style of the chapters, which resemble the four seasons, as each serves as a reminder of love. This was a very interesting read and a beautiful story of longing and reunion. The book is highly aesthetic, and it is something that gives the whole story a magical touch. The poems will transport you to different dimensions. I rate this book with five stars and would recommend it to anyone who believes in love and searches for it, especially romantic people. It might open your senses to how you perceive love. 

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