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"Love Poems" is a beautifully written and illustrated poetry collection about the heart's desire to live in abundance, prosperity and love forever. 

This lyrical and poetic love story will take you to a world of uniqueness and supernatural love that is pure and rare.

The story starts with attraction and affection blossoming into deep love, designing delightful dreams, and remembering the beautiful life of prosperity and love that created a perfect vision of an idyllic future together. This is a story of longing and belonging. 

Written with emotions of happiness and sadness, those three books invite the reader into the journey of eternity through love, where magic is real and the unimaginable is possible. 

The dominant fundamentals throughout the poems are: dreams, infinity, silence, solitude, the cosmos, energy, the heart, and the soul, which wanders in eternity. 

True lovers always find their way back to each other in life after life.

Book One

Rose From The Moon

This collection of poetry shows how love is developing and awakening, with all the pain and struggle that are taking part and going along with it. Love is not easy, sometimes, love can be hard too, but that should not be a reason to stop loving, because love will bring you the clearest picture of you.

The rose, with its thorns, represents a delicate but strong beauty. The Moon represents outer space, something not earthly. It stands as a symbol for eternity and immortality, just like love. On the other hand, the moon phases represent phases of our lives and our development as humans here on earth.

In this book, the flow of this cosmic love story is divided and immersed into two chapters named “You” and “Waiting”. Each chapter presents words intertwined in poems, and poems as picturesque illustrations and visionary imagination.

Book Two

The Four Seasons

This tragic, yet beautiful and enchanting journey is the love story of a couple who are chosen for love - two lovers who share the same soul code and the same soul essence. 

The poems are composed using nature as a symbol, presenting eternal connections between two souls, unbreakable bonds between two chosen hearts, and lovers who long for each other endlessly on their journey to mastering their love. 

The seasons are here to remind us that time is passing by in this 3D world where we are collecting memories and moments, glimpses of happiness and sadness, to remind us that everything is temporary except love. When it snows, when the rain falls, and when the sun shines, there is love. Look closely at what it is telling you. 

Book Three


In a world where everything has an expiration date, love is the only thing that stays real. Everything else is temporary and fades away. This book presents love in all its glory and chaos, divided into seven chapters named after the seven colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. 

Poems are filled with joy, but heartache too, expressing raw emotions and pain. Love is not just about happiness; it is about sadness too, and we need both sides to fully understand the circle and to grow. Pain is teaching us and shaping us. There are good days and bad days, and that is what makes the journey.


Bonus Book

Eternal Lovers

The book Eternal Lovers is the prelude to the entire poetry collection called Love Poems, presenting a love story that has no boundaries, no end, flowing through magical, captivating, alluring, and mesmerizing poems and multidimensional illustrations. Originally, this book was created after all three books were completed in the trilogy series Love Poems

The journey is accompanied by deep feelings, by an interplay of life and death, love and pain, happiness and sadness.

Maybe you won't understand my poetry, but I hope that my poems and art will help you to understand yourself, or maybe will help you to find a spark and love within yourself, or perhaps inspiration, motivation, or simply any kind of magic and beauty. 

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