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Rose From The Moon

Love Poems 1

average rating is 5 out of 5

Rose From the Moon

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"Maybe this reality is only an illusion.

 Maybe beyond the dream, 

 life begins where we live love for real."

Rose From the Moon is a beautifully illustrated debut collection of poetry, the first part of the trilogy series, transcendent, authentic, and eclectic journey about soulful growth and development through love, the awakening of the cosmic soul, remembering who you are and who you were before, remembering yourself. The poems are going to take you on a journey beyond the three-dimensional spaces, stepping outside of that illusionary world and sailing into higher states of consciousness, a state of eternal love.

This book is the first part of the trilogy series, "Love Poems." The trilogy consists of the books "Rose From The Moon," "The Four Seasons," and "Rainbow."

Full Description

Through our lives, we are trying to find the real meaning of love. We feel  emotions, sometimes confused about the state of our hearts, but addicted to the feeling of love, because love is closest to the spiritual bliss, it makes us fulfilled and complete, it makes us free and sublime, it is the cognition of ourselves and we can’t run away from ourselves, but why would you leave the real you?

Love teaches us to look deep within ourselves, to see beyond the illusionary world, beyond the 3D dimension, and to step into our real existence as souls.

Rose From the Moon symbolically reveals two main poems, the intro poem “Rose” and the outro poem “My Moon”, presenting 

the story of awakening, recollection, love and loss. 

The rose, with its thorns, represents a delicate but strong beauty. The Moon represents outer space, something not earthly. It stands as a symbol for eternity and immortality, just like love. On the other hand, the moon phases represent phases of our lives and our development as humans here on earth.

In this book, the flow of this cosmic love story is divided and immersed into two chapters named “You” and “Waiting”. Each chapter presents words intertwined in poems, and poems as picturesque illustrations and visionary imagination.

Chapter you

This chapter talks about the first phase of love, first feelings, first steps of loving, first remembering, and falling in love innocently and completely. Remembering your soul, yourself, your old path, recalling how the same love touched you each time, recalling how and whom you loved. How can I see myself through you, and how can I see you through me? How do we see each other through love?

Chapter waiting

In this chapter, love is rising to higher stages and emotions; it’s developing into bigger and deeper feelings and an understanding that love should be kept within us, even when things sometimes don’t go right. Don’t reject love, have faith, believe in yourself, as everything is happening on a tactical level, as a destiny. Time does not exist, everything is coming and spinning as it should be. Don’t grieve, stay calm and loving because in this life your awakening will seem as waiting. A waiting for the one you are meant for, the one remembered in your soul code.

Written by Ilda Kunic


Nezi Mah

21. 12. 22.
average rating is 5 out of 5

Ilda is an intuitive writer who believes in love and has a flair for the spiritual and magical, transporting readers to extraordinary worlds, filled with enchantments, pure love, eternity, and happiness. I like the idea of poems being presented along with aesthetic, colourful illustrations carrying deeper meanings. The artwork is just incredible. It gives a unique energy and feeling. I find this book very interesting and magical; it is emotional. I am absolutely in love with this poetry collection. This is such a beautiful book, and I would recommend it to everyone. Perfection, for me.


5. 1. 23.
average rating is 5 out of 5

The moment I started reading “The rose from the moon” I stepped into a whole new dreamy world of deep emotions and love, mystery and astrology, expressed through beautiful poems and art.
Ilda teleported me to the new dimension and it was an amazing read.

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